Become a Volunteer

You can be the coolest thing since sliced bread. Join the YouVersion team as a volunteer and see what it’s like being apart of the most important team since Mr. T retired.

Open Positions

  • Language Translation

    Our goal at YouVersion is Scripture Engagement and one of the primary ways we do that is by offering our apps and sites in multiple languages. We are only able to do that with your help and if you would like to join our team by volunteering to help translate the mobile app interfaces, as well as a few of our sites, then we want you!

    [Please note: One of our primary goals in helping to expand Scripture Engagement across the globe is to have quality Bible versions in all the languages of the world. However, we leave the translation of Bible text itself to the experts and partner with publishers, Bible Societies, and Bible translation organizations to import versions already finished by scholars. The translation assistance we're looking for is concentrated on our app interfaces themselves and communication to our community (email, social media, blog, etc).]

  • User Advocates

    You’re not just working as a user support agent. You’re a user advocate.If you are interested in helping people around the world get connected to YouVersion and reading, then this is for you. Being a User Advocate requires determination, a friendly demeanor and a deep knowledge of YouVersion and the app you will be working with.

    [Please note: Our user advocates team works around the clock all across the world to give support to the millions of YouVersion users. Because of this, a firm commitment of at least 7 hours a week is necessary. You will have all of the tools necessary to answer user requests by the thousands! You will be on the cutting edge of not just user support, but also of the greatest team in the history of support. Yes, the greatest team ever. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Just click the link below to be taken to the application!]

  • Online Community Team

    YouVersion is a community focused on being engaged. With a growing community that includes millions of people, we have a great opportunity and responsibility to encourage and minister to people around the world, people who want to actively grow their relationship with God by reading His Word. We are looking for outstanding volunteers who can be a core part of our team, to pray with our community, encourage them in their daily walk, and help them engage with the Bible.

    Have people told you that you are encouraging? Do you find yourself naturally praying for others? You don’t have to be a pastor, a priest, or anything special – just a Christ-follower with a heart devoted to God, willing to build into the lives of those God has put in our path. Serving in places like Facebook, Twitter, and in the Bible App, the internet allows us to love our neighbors around the world. Click below to fill out an application.

  • Community Administration

    As the Bible App’s reach expands around the world, so, too, the volume of administrative needs grows. From reviewing content, to consolidating data from multi-columned spreadsheets, to responding to others interested in serving with YouVersion, a Community Support Admin position offers you the chance to do a variety of tasks.

    Are you highly organized and like to pay attention to the nitty gritty details? Are you comfortable being asked to copy and paste…possibly multiple times in a one hour period? Is either “troubleshooting” or “problem-solving” your middle name? Or maybe you enjoy managing or coordinating projects. If this sounds like you, just click the link below to be taken to the application!

    [Please note: Because of the amount of time needed to get up to speed with the variety of areas this position touches, a minimum commitment of 5 hours of volunteer time per week is required.]

  • App Testing

    With millions of people using YouVersion from all over the world, it’s important that the updates we make to the Bible App are tested before they are sent to app markets/stores. The App Testing team of volunteers is given special access to builds before they are released so they can be tested and bugs found and fixed before being made available to the public.

    As a YouVersion App Tester, you would be required to spend a few hours with each new build (about once a month) and provide feedback to the developer. If you consider yourself an early adopter and love to test out new technology, then we would love to have you on our team!

    [Please note that depending on your platform, spaces might be limited, and a commitment of one year is required in order to provide the best support to our developers.]